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Smart Home

Quirky ingests organizational design firm to broker more corporate partnerships

Crowdsourced product developer Quirky has acquired Undercurrent to help expand its reach toward more corporate partnerships.


Quirky is expanding its network with an announcement today that it has acquired Undercurrent, a corporate consulting and organizational design firm that will help it broker future partnerships.

Founded in 2009, Quirky leverages its expanding online community of inventors and product designers to source ideas for gadgets, then awards originators with a portion of the revenue when the products ultimately sell through retail outlets like Amazon; Target; and Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Today's news brings a change for the brand, who will now lean on Undercurrent to coach its team and help land future corporate partnerships. Prior to today, Quirky had established relationships only with GE and Harman.

So what does this news mean for Quirky's online community of tinkerers?

According to Quirky, future products will bear a "Powered by Quirky" seal, and designers will still receive a share of the profits, assuming that the expanded pool of new buyers will trickle down down into bigger payouts for everyone.

Last December, Quirky cut the ribbon to its new headquarters at the site of the defunct Buzzell Electric Works factory in San Francisco.

The office is a home base for the company's smart-home products including the Spotter Uniq sensor , a connected garage door opener and the Norm smart thermostat .