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Quiksilver wet suit doubles as chic boardroom attire (Tomorrow Daily 170)

On today's show, we check out a wet suit that's also a business suit and accessories that use sound to send commands to your smartphone. Plus, there's gossip about Silicon Valley Fashion Week's drone models.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. We're back with a crazy batch of stories today, and to help lighten the mood after yesterday's "homing bullets" fright, we present to you the "True Wetsuit," a neoprene business suit from Quiksilver Japan that works in the water and at the office. We don't think it has much of a chance anywhere there are no beaches nearby, but we still love the concept, and the video is pretty delightful.

We're also explaining how Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon are developing accessories for smartphones that send commands using sound and frequency interruptions, and why Silicon Valley is throwing its own Fashion Week, complete with drone supermodels.

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170: Quiksilver wet suit doubles as chic boardroom attire

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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