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QuickTime: download problem fixed; QuickTime for Java announced

QuickTime: download problem fixed; QuickTime for Java announced

Problem downloading QuickTime 3.0 is fixed If you had any problems downloading QuickTime f7c2 recently, the problem should now be fixed. Here is a quote from Apple, forwarded to me by a reader: "We apologize for any inconvenience you may have had downloading QuickTime f7c2. It appears the html on the licensing page did not correctly reflect the file on our servers. We have since fixed this and you should now be able to download QTf7c2."

QuickTime for Java announced Apple Computer yesterday announced QuickTime for Java, "bringing QuickTime's industry leading digital media and digital video capabilities to the Java platform. A developer framework for easily adding multimedia playback, authoring and publishing capabilities to Java software, QuickTime for Java will significantly increase Java's acceptance in new media markets and enable delivery of compelling interactive content to Java customers."