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QuickTime 7.6: Significant Issues After Updating

Finder constantly crashing, third-part codec issues and more.


Last night, Apple released QuickTime 7.6--a significant update to the multimedia infrastructure for Mac OS X that Apple says increases reliability, improves compatibility and enhances security. The new release is available in both Tiger and Leopard editions.

Users are experiencing a few issues with the new update, including problems with third-party codecs and more.

If you are experiencing general issues with QuickTime 7.6, they might be related to incompatible codecs. Remove any third-party items from /Library/QuickTime, restart, and check for persistence of the issue. Also, check for new third-party codec updates, which are generally released shortly after a QuickTime update.

Finder constantly quitting and relaunching A few users have reported an issue in which the Finder constantly relaunches after the QuickTime 7.6 update.

If you are experiencing this issue and you have StuffIt installed, launch System Preferences and then open the Stuffit AVR pane, click the Stuffit AVR tab, then click the "stop" button.

Third-party codec function loss Almost every QuickTime update brings with it incompatibility issues for various third-party codecs.

As described by Apple Discussions poster John Buntin:

"Quicktime 7.6 seems to have disabled Flipshare. When I try to play video shot on my FlipUltra from within the FlipShare program, I get only audio and a white screen. Exporting it to my desktop as a .mov file gives me audio and a black screen from within quicktime. Playing the .mov from within VLC gives me the images but no sound. Yikes!"

Audio export corrupt Some users have reported corrupt audio exports after the QuickTime 7.6 update. If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

Games incompatibility Several users have reported the inability to launch various QuickTime-reliant games, including Call of Duty and Civilization, after the update to QuickTime 7.6.


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