QuickTime 7.1 (#3): Fix for lack of sound after update; More on problems playing embedded Web media

QuickTime 7.1 (#3): Fix for lack of sound after update; More on problems playing embedded Web media


Fix for lack of sound after update We previously reported (earlier today) on an issue where sound does not play back in various video and audio files after updating to QuickTime 7.1.

As described by one reader:

"I lost audio. I downloaded a .mov from the apple web site on Automator and Safari would not play the sound. I then saved the .mov and ran Quicktime with the same results. I then put the clip into iMovie with the same results."

Kevin Boggs adds:

"Just chiming in. I've also lost audio on MPEG files and some other video files on my MacBook Pro 2.0."

It now appears that the issue lies with one or more specific codecs that do not work properly with QuickTime 7.1.

In order to fix the issue (though you may lose functionality, so it is important to retain any moved files), navigate to the following two directories:

~/Library/QuickTime (the Library folder in your home user directory) /Library/QuickTime (the Library folder at the root level of your startup drive)

remove all files that contain "codec" in their name (put them in the Desktop or another memorable location, noting their original placement). Next re-install QuickTime 7.1 [standalone download] and restart.

If the issue is gone, try placing the codecs back in there appropriate locations one by one until the problem returns. This will allow you to identify the offending codec.

More on problems playing embedded Web media Meanwhile, users continue to report problems playing embedded media after the update.

MacFixIt reader Mark Feldman writes:

"After updating to QuickTime 7.1, QuickTime no works in either Safari or Firefox. All I get is the message "no picture" in the QuickTime window. QuickTime Player works fine and QuickTime also works in iTunes. I have Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5 with 2 GB DDR SDRAM. I'm running 10.4.6 with all updates."

Similar issue? Please let us know.

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