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Quickoffice for iPhone gets into Office 2007

The Quickoffice productivity suite for iPhone and iPod Touch can now create and edit the DOCX and XLSX files produced by Microsoft Word and Excel.

Quickoffice iPhone app
Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Good news comes to the iPhone workforce on Thursday, in the form of an update to Quickoffice Mobile Suite. The latest version will now create and edit the Word and Excel documents native to Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows, and Microsoft Office 2008 on Mac. Prior versions did not support these DOCX and XLSX formats.

The change brings Quickoffice Mobile Suite ahead of its most threatening productivity rival in terms of editing support. Neither of the two Documents To Go applications for iPhone can create Excel documents; their capability is view-only. However, for some people, creating spreadsheets is overkill. For that set, Documents To Go and Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments are the more dollar-conscious choice at about $5, and $10, respectively, compared to Quickoffice's $15 mobile suite. Documents To Go creates and edits DOCX Word files.