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Quicklock padlock unlocks via app or NFC

The smart lock just went mobile.


Here's my problem: When I lock all my stuff into my gym locker, I leave my glasses in there as well. And because I have 46-year-old vision, I literally cannot make out the numbers on the padlock. That's made for some rather embarrassing attempts to get it open. Sigh.

One potential solution: Quicklock, a new padlock that supports both Bluetooth and NFC. Translation: You can unlock it via a smartphone app or various convenient NFC accessories.

You can use an app or any of these NFC accessories to unlock the Quicklock. Quicklock

Available in four colors, the Quicklock resembles an ordinary padlock -- except there are no dials or numbers, and no place to insert a traditional key. Instead, you pair the battery-powered lock to your smartphone, then tap an app to make it click open.

Of course, for my purposes that's still something of a challenge, as it can be tough to make out my smartphone screen without glasses (though certainly easier than squinting at tiny numbers on a dial). Plus, I typically leave the phone locked up as well.

Enter NFC, or near-field communication. Now all you need is a special card, ring, fob or label; one quick pass over the Quicklock and it's "open, sesame." The lock comes with a single NFC card, though you can purchase additional ones, or any of the aforementioned accessories, separately.

Although the lock itself relies on a rechargeable battery (good for a whopping two years on a full charge, according to Quicklock), the various RF-powered NFC "keys" do not. They're also waterproof, as is the lock. It's not immediately clear what options you have (if any) should the battery die, nor what method is used for charging it.

The Quicklock is available for purchase immediately, with a starting price of $79 for the lock and one NFC key card. However, shipping is currently listed at 30-45 days. In the interim, I'm hoping to get my hands on one so I can bring you a hands-on review.

Until then, what are your thoughts on this?