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Quickfire lets you launch Mac apps from Firefox

Quickfire turns Firefox into an applications launcher where you can load up a new app with just a couple of keystrokes.

Quickfire is a recently released experimental Firefox add-on that lets you find and launch Mac applications straight from Firefox's address awesome bar. Just like in Quicksilver, Spotlight, and any other launch helper, you need only to type a couple of letters to get it going. It doesn't provide icons for each application, but it will show you the root folder where it's stored, and loads up the app as soon as you hit enter.

If you're on a Mac there honestly isn't much use for this, since the built-in Spotlight can do the same thing with a very simple and easy keyboard shortcut of its own. However it can, occasionally, come in handy if you're in the middle of using some Web app and realize you want to fire up a certain outside application, since the result suggestions load up the same way they do for site history and bookmarks.

Once installed, Quickfire lets you launch desktop applications for Firefox's 'awesome' bar. CNET Networks