Quicken 98 update has problems printing checks?

Quicken 98 update has problems printing checks?


Reader Chris Foote writes that he waited for the Quicken 98 Release 2 Updater before upgrading from Quicken 7. When he tried it, the file conversion went smoothly, but he could not print checks to his LaserWriter. The exact symptomsvaried but all involved printing not correctly lining up with the appropriate locations on the check.

Update: Christopher Cunningham writes: "I had the same problem. Quicken tech support told me to use an older print driver. I am using 8.3.3 and everything prints out fine." R. Russell Reed confirms that this is a general problem with Quicken and certain versions of LaserWriter 8.

Update: This problem apparently does not affect all users. In particular, Intuit's Quicken for Mac Product Manager reports that Intuit has been unable to duplicate this problem. It has also not happened to me. However, I have since gotten other confirming reports.

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