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Quick Take: Sharp LC-60LE633U

CNET did not review the Sharp LC-60LE633U, but we did review a similar TV, the LC-60LE830U.

Although CNET did not review the Sharp LC-60LE633U, we did review the LC-60LE830U.

Comparing the two on Sharp's Web site, the 830U has a slightly higher contrast ratio and Sharp's Quattron technology. In our testing of the 830U, Quattron provided no benefit to color accuracy.

Meanwhile the 633U has a 240Hz refresh rate compared with a 120Hz refresh rate on the 830U.

We doubt any of these differences will have a discernible impact on picture quality (more info). The 832U also has a slightly different design, with squared-off edges and somewhat larger dimensions and weight. It includes a built-in subwoofer as well.

As far as we can tell there are no other major differences between the two TVs, so we expect their performance to be quite similar. For more information, check out our full review of the Sharp LC-60LE830U.