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Quick Take: Sharp LC-60LE6300U

CNET did not review the Sharp LC-60LE6300U, but we did review a similar TV, the Sharp LC-832U series.

Although CNET did not review the Sharp LC-60LE6300U, we did review the LC-832U series.

Comparing the two on Sharp's Web site, the main picture-related differences include a better contrast ratio and the presence of a 10-bit panel on the more-expensive LC-823U series. The contrast ratio difference may result in slightly better black-level performance, while the 10-bit panel could slightly reduce some artifacts that might show up on the 6300U. For those reasons, we expect that the 6300U will have the similar or slightly worse picture quality than the 832U, but we can't say more than that.

The 832U also has a 120Hz refresh rate and dejudder processing, which some viewers might find worthwhile but we don't (more info). The 832U's other extras, including its Quattron technology and Quad Pixel Plus processing, have no positive impact on picture quality.

The 832U has Sharp's Smart TV Internet suite, whereas the cheaper 6300 does not. The 6300U's styling also has sharper corners than the 832U's and its panel is thicker, at 2.84 inches vs. 1.6.

As far as we can tell there are no other major differences between the two series. For more information, check out our full review of the Sharp LC-832U series.