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Quick Take: Samsung PNC550 series

CNET did not review the Samsung PNC550 series, but we did review a similar series of 2010 Samsung plasma TVs.

CNET did not review the Samsung PNC550 series of plasma TVs, which includes the 50-inch PN50C550, the 58-inch PN58C500, and the 63-inch PN63C550, but we did review the PN50C590 series, which is similar.

The major difference between the two series is the inclusion of CinemaSmooth processing on the PNC590 models, which allows proper reproduction of 1080p/24 content (more info). Aside from this difference, we expect the picture quality of the PNC590 to provide a very good indication of how the PNC550 will perform.

For more information, see the full review of the Samsung PNC590 series.