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Quick Take: Samsung LNC650 series

CNET did not review the Samsung LNC650 series, but we did review a similar series of 2010 Samsung LCD TVs.

CNET did not review the Samsung LNC650 series of LCD TVs, which includes the 40-inch LN40C650, the 46-inch LN46C650 and the 55-inch LN55C650, but we did review the LNC630 series, which is very similar.

The major feature-related differences between the two series are the inclusion of Samsung's Apps platform and a glossy screen on the C650, which also has a red-tinted frame. The contrast ratio specification of the LNC650 is also slightly higher, but we don't expect that to have a major impact on picture quality.

Aside from these differences, we expect the full review of the Samsung LNC630 series to provide a good indication of how the LNC650 models will perform. For additional information on Samsung Apps and the impact of the glossy screen, see the Samsung UNC6500 review.