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Quick Take: LG LH450 series

CNET did not review the LG LH450 series, but we did review another, similar series of LG LCD TVs.

Although we didn't review the LG LD450 series--which includes the 32-inch 32LH450, the 37-inch 37LH450, the 42-inch 42LH450, and the 47-inch 47LH450--we did review the LG LD520 series. The two series are very similar aside from the following.

The LD450 series has a 60Hz refresh rate and no dejudder processing, whereas the LD520 series has a 120Hz refresh rate and does include dejudder (more info). For that reason, the Video Processing section of the review of the LG LD520 series will not apply to the LD450 series. According to LG, the LD450 will still correctly handle 1080p/24 sources, but we cannot confirm one way or the other.

Otherwise we expect the review of the LG LD520 series to provide a good indication of how the LG LD450 series will perform.

Other nonperformance differences on the LD450 include a lack of an ambient light sensor and fewer HDMI inputs (two, as opposed to three on the LD520). The LH450 also has a more compact design and weighs less at a given screen size.

For more information, see the full review of the LG LD520 series.