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Quest for the Pirate Toaster: Hello Kitty sabotages my journey

The dreaded cat can now be burned onto a piece of toast. by Caroline

I like toasters. I really do. And I like it when they're creative. I've spent some time this week researching Instructables tutorials for how to hack my own toaster in order to make it a pirate toaster that brands my toast with a skull and crossbones. (Stay tuned on that one.)

But this is too much. I'm not terrified of Hello Kitty or anything, but I think the cat should stay the heck off my toast. Even if it's only $19.99, I do not have any use for a Hello Kitty toaster. Like all other Hello Kitty-related appliances, this toaster is pink and white and has a giant cat on it. There's not a whole lot else you can say about it. Except that it'll probably match that Hello Kitty crock pot that you've been hiding in the kitchen cabinet for several months now.

What slightly disturbs me is that full-size toasters, crock pots, waffle irons, etc., are for grown-ups. Not kids. This makes me wonder whether there are actually adults out there who are furnishing their homes with pink-and-white cat appliances.

However, as we've seen, Hello Kitty is a pirate too, so maybe I should consider the toaster a positive development in my ongoing quest for a pirate toaster.