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Queen's speech to be free on Kindle

You can download the full text of the Queen's speech to your Kindle for free, along with all her speeches dating from 1952.

The Queen's speech will be released as a free download for Kindle straight after being broadcast at 3pm on Christmas day. So no need to rush your lunch this year, you can peruse at your leisure while in a turkey-induced daze.

It's an exclusive deal with the Kindle being the only e-book reader to get the text, the BBC reports. Though the transcript will be available on the British Monarchy's Facebook page, as well as its official website.

And if reading the speech gets you in the mood, you can also download transcripts of every one of Elizabeth II's speeches since 1952, again as a free e-book.

It's the first time the speech has been made available as an e-book. But the royals hinted the deal might not stay exclusive to Amazon. "The Royal Household is content for other organisations to take this content and make it available on as many other platforms as possible as long as the content is not altered or presented out of context," a Buckingham Palace spokesperson told the BBC.

"We would like The Queen's Speech to be broadcast or read as widely as possible, and allowing Kindle to make the text available is just another example of this."

And makers of other e-book readers should get on the phone to Buck House now, as it's open to other offers. "We would be happy to discuss similar arrangements with other outlets," the spokesperson went on. "We have chosen ones that suit us, but if other companies approached us we would be willing to consider those as well."

The latest Kindle went on sale a couple of months ago, and scored very well indeed in our review. We're still waiting for the wallet-friendly Kindle Fire tablet to get a UK release date though.

Will you be unwrapping a Kindle come Christmas? And would you read the Queen's speech on it? Let us know on our Facebook page, or below in the comments.