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Queen visits BlackBerry factory in Canada, gets personalised phone for one's emails

RIM gave HM the Queen a personalised BlackBerry at a tour of its smart phone plant in Canada, where she also had a chance to geek out with custom 3D glasses

The Queen has dropped by RIM's factory in Ontario, Canada to pick up a personalised white BlackBerry Bold 9700. The Ottawa Citizen reports that "Prince Andrew is the techno person", but the royal family are "all addicted to BlackBerries".

According to reports, the phone had a custom wallpaper of school children holding bouquets of flowers, as if the Queen hasn't had an eyeful of that scene over the past several decades. Her Majesty has been gallivanting around Canada recently, where everyone thinks she's just adorable with her funny accent.

The Queen played to the home crowd at a speech on Monday, speaking partly in French and dressed in a white silk gown adorned with pearls and sequins in the shape of a maple leaf.

During her tour of the colonies, the Queen also donned 3D glasses monogrammed with a 'Q' to watch a scene from an upcoming 3D TV show being produced at a Canadian film studio.

Coincidentally, our own tame Canadian is wearing an identical white maple leaf gown and custom 3D specs at work today.