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Qualcomm's AllPlay officially comes to Gramofon streaming dongle

The Gramafon streaming dongle is the latest product to support Qualcomm's AllPlay wireless multiroom music platform.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Qualcomm's AllPlay multiroom service is officially launching on the Gramafon streaming device today, six months after it was announced as an official hardware partner.

The Fon Gramofon is an inexpensive streaming dongle that debuted in 2014, and which is also a Spotify Connect device and Wi-Fi extender.

Gramofon joins existing partners Monster and Panasonic in bringing multiroom streaming products to market using the Qualcomm AllPlay standard.

With AllPlay support the Gramofon is now able to stream music from network devices and streaming services plus pushing music to more than one system at once (multiroom).

Streaming service support comes in the form of Spotify Connect, Napster, Rhapsody and TuneIn, and Tidal and SoundCloud are forthcoming.

AllPlay is one of many different multiroom platforms with its main competitor being DTS' Play-Fi, which also announced Spotify Connect support this week.