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Qualcomm kicks off pre-orders for its Toq smartwatch

Black versions of the Android-compatible smartwatch can now be purchased on the company's Web site.

Qualcomm's black Toq smartwatch. Qualcomm

The newest smartwatch to hit the scene is now up for pre-order. Qualcomm is letting early buyers purchase black versions of its Toq smartwatch as of Tuesday.

The device's official launch is not until December 2, but Qualcomm has opened up pre-orders on its Web site. The Toq costs $350 and shipping time is expected to be within one to three weeks. An upcoming white version of the smartwatch should also be available soon.

The Toq wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to any Android smartphone running the Jelly Bean operating system or higher. The smartwatch comes with what Qualcomm calls Mirasol display technology. With that, the device's display will always be on and visible and will reflect ambient light to help the face stay readable.

The smartwatch also features wireless charging, support for wireless stereo headphones via Bluetooth, and automatic updates.

Qualcomm joins Samsung, Sony, Pebble, and others in what is expected to be an increasingly competitive smartwatch marketplace. Apple, Google, and ZTE are also expected to join the fray next year.