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Qualcomm says Chinese phonemaker Meizu illegally using its tech

The chip maker said it filed a complaint with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

Dave Cheng/CNET

Tech giant Qualcomm filed a complaint against Chinese phonemaker Meizu for failing to offer due compensation for using patented technologies relating to 3G and 4G communications standards, the company said Thursday.

The case, which will go before the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, comes on the heels of Qualcomm receiving a record fine from China. In 2015, the country's National Development and Reform Commission issued Qualcomm a $975 million fine -- an all-time Chinese anti-trust record, according to Digital Trends -- for unlawful and abusive patent demands on smaller entities in the market.

Qualcomm's current claims, however, are on the grounds of its "rectification plan" -- a rewritten policy for patented tech and royalties. So Qualcomm is now appealing to the same Chinese anti-trust authorities that fined it last year.

Meizu has not yet issued an official response to the litigation.