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Qualcomm cuts Toq smartwatch $50 in honor of CES

The deal, which will be available this week only, pushes the device's price down to $300.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Qualcomm Toq smartwatch is a little more affordable this week.

Qualcomm on Monday announced that it will cut $50 off the price of its Toq smartwatch in honor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The deal, which ends January 11, brings the device's cost down to $300 from its regular $350 price tag.

The Qualcomm Toq has quickly become one of many smartwatches on the market. The device, which launched last year, hasn't necessarily set itself apart in the marketplace. CNET's Scott Stein expressed doubt last year that it could attract many customers, due mainly to its price tag and stiff competition. Like everyone else, Qualcomm is seemingly expecting competitors to show off new smartwatches at CES this week, and its latest move might be an effort to grab some headlines while its competitors are doing the same.