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Quake problems: a follow-up

Quake problems: a follow-up

Ethan Butterfield writes regarding the problem with Chooser selections and Quake (as reported last time): "It's due to the fact that Quake (especially when trying to run a net game) by default loads with AppleTalk and IPX (if you have it) enabled, even if you have AppleTalk turned off in the Finder. To stop this behavior, you need to start up Quake with the Option key held down, and wait for the command-line options window to appear. In the box provided, type in (sans "s) "-noatalk" to disable AppleTalk, or "-nolan" to disable networking entirely. There is also a "Always use this command-line" check-box available, so you only have to do it once. Disabling AppleTalk in either fashion will fix things. Reader Chul Kim offered similar advice.