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Quake II with improved Nvidia raytracing graphics to hit Steam in June

Nvidia shows off its new graphical tech.


Nvidia's new RTX 20-series graphics cards are specially made to do something called raytracing. Raytracing is when moving light is reflected in real time on a person or object, and it's something that graphics cards have struggled to get right until now.

What does this have to do with Quake II?

Nvidia previously showed off a tech demo of the classic shooter with raytracing integrated into the graphics. On Monday at its Computex press conference, the graphics card maker announced the improved version of Quake II, Quake II RTX, would be hitting Steam on June 6.

And it'll be free. Well, some of it will be. There are three single-player levels in Quake II RTX and multiplayer, but to play multiplayer, you have to already own the game on Steam.

Unlike Resident Evil 2, Shadow of the Colossus and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, this isn't a remake, just a nifty touchup. But, hey, free ain't bad cost for a nifty touchup.