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'Yes, Quake is back': The classic arena shooter returns with a focus on e-sports

A full 20 years after the first Quake launched, the classic competitive shooter returns with Quake Champions.

Nic Healey/CNET

It was news so big, it's how Bethesda started its press conference for E3 2016. Describing it as a "competitive arena-style game for the PC" the Bethesda showcase kicked off with a bang, showing off a cinematic trailer for the new Quake Champions.

Developed once more by Id Software, creators of the franchise, the game has been designed with competitive e-sports in mind, building on the tradition of the Quake series. The reveal drew cries from the crowd and Tim Willits, co-creator of the original Quake, hit the stage to share just a little information about the game.

At the moment, the main news is around the different characters, each with unique abilities and combat styles, with a series of Quake leagues and events to be built out as the game launches. The game's graphics were promised to run at 120Hz with an unlocked frame rate -- news that set the crowd off again.

More information will be revealed at the next Quakecon convention held in late July.