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QR U?: Pop star dress gets beady with QR codes

London designer Thorunn Arnadottir beaded heaps of Swarovski crystals into a QR code-patterned dress for Icelandic pop star Kali of the band Steed Lord. Lady Gaga should be taking notes.

QR U? QR code dress
Let me just slip into something with more QR codes on it. (Click to enlarge.) Thorunn Arnadottir

There is a place where technology, Iceland, music, and fashion collide. You might think Bjork would be involved somewhere, but this magic place actually involves Icelandic pop star Kali from the group Steed Lord.

Kali is known for her boundary-pushing fashion along the lines of Lady Gaga. London designer Thorunn Arnadottir recently added to her eclectic wardrobe with a painstakingly beaded QR code dress.

While we've seen QR code fashion and QR code wall art recently, the dress, called "QR U?," ups the difficulty level considerably. The design is inspired by African bead work and executed in Swarovski crystals.

The QR codes link back to sites and videos that relate to Steed Lord. One YouTube video features a snippet of the song "Vanguardian" being sung by an animated QR code (check it out below).

It may be challenging to get Kali to hold still long enough to scan her QR codes in concert, but that won't stop devoted fans from giving it a shot.

(Via Dezeen)