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QNAP to release Lion-friendly NAS firmware

QNAP announces its latest NAS server firmware, version 3.5, available mid-August, which brings full support for support Mac OS X Lion.

A high-end NAS server from QNAP.
A high-end NAS server from QNAP. Josh Miller/CNET

QNAP, the maker of robust NAS servers such as the TS-412 Turbo NAS server, announced today that it will release the version V3.5 NAS management software for its Turbo NAS series in mid-August. This new version will fully support OS X Lion so Mac users can once again use existing Linux-based NAS servers for Time Machine.

This makes QNAP the second NAS maker to announce its continued support for Mac OS X. Last month, Synology also announced the downloadable beta version of its Diskstation Management software, a similar update.

QNAP says, in addition to the support for Lion, the new version will also boast loads of new features, such as a new antivirus protocol that detects and quarantines malware in the data stored on the server, and LDAP, aka support for sending alerts via Windows Live instant messenger.

The company says that the new firmware version will be available for free and will be compatible with all of QNAP's current NAS servers. Aside from the common support for Mac OS X Lion, some of the new features will be available only to its select servers, however.