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Q121: Another social networking service for mobile phones

Q121: Another social networking service for mobile phones

Social networking sites are slowly starting to permeate the mobile space. A recent big one is MySpace Mobile, which is currently available only on Helio phones, but there are other competitors out there that cater to any phone that has a WAP browser. Q121 is one that caught our attention recently, and it already has 50,000 registered beta users. Much like MySpace, it's a free Internet community that allows users to meet other people; share interests; post blog entries; and upload and share ring tones, music, wallpaper, video clips, all from their mobile phones. Users can download ring tones and TV episodes to their cell phones for about $1.99 for each piece of content (per ring tone, per episode, and so on). We haven't had a chance to play around with it, but we think it'll probably appeal to the younger crowd, who insist on being connected to their friends no matter where they are. However, it remains to be seen if Q121 will have enough appeal to retain the patronage of this traditionally fickle-minded demographic.