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q-Jays: Ears-on with world's smallest dual-armature earphones

We get the worlds smallest dual-armature earphones firmly plugged into our ears and exhaust them in our ears-on test. Can these £129 micro-'phones cut it?

The q-Jays, from Swedish manufacturer Jays are the smallest dual-armature earphones in the world. We've been exhausting a pair sent to us and seriously, these sound damn good.

For £129 they're an alternative to Denon's superb AH-C700s or Shure's SE310s. The difference between these and the q-Jays is that the Jays have a pair of drivers in each tiny earphone: one tweeter, one woofer. In the real world, the q-Jays are most similar in sound to the Denons -- they offer a crisp, balanced sound with clear bass and accurate highs. The Shure SE310s are a more powerful earphone, but they don't offer the definition the Jays or Denon earphones offer.

The q-Jays offer great sound isolation thanks to the comfortable silicon tips. Finding the correct fit is crucial. But once you've got the tip that best suits your ear, isolation is on par with any other sound-isolating 'phone.

Included with these earphones is a vast horde of accessories, from silicon sleeves to airline adaptors, twin stereo adaptors to extension cable. There's even a zipped leather carry pouch. W00t!

The q-Jays are on sale now for £129. Check back soon for our full review.

Update: A full review of the q-Jays is now available. -Nate Lanxon