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Pyle builds seagoing media center

The "Seadoo" is a floating digital phenom.

Pyle Audio

Waterproof media systems are fine for bathroom dwellers and other homebodies, but they're occasionally useful for those brave enough to venture outside as well. Particularly on the high seas.

And with all the competition in car stereos, Pyle Audio has taken its business to the water with its technology-packed "Seadoo" ocean cruiser. Despite its unfortunate name, the four-passenger Seadoo is a definitely a force: Powered by two head units, this floating media center has a 17-inch LCD (rear), 13-inch LCD (front), DVD player, 10 speakers, 3 amplifiers, and 3 subwoofers, according to BornRich.

Pyle, by the way, is still a formidable player on the road as well. Among its wheeled accomplishments is an SUV with 12 TVs--a small screen in every door and a large one in the back.