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PVR Ads Strike Back

PVR Ads Strike Back

Yet another reason to ditch that subscription TiVo box for a PC-based Media Center solution for your TV recording needs. TiVo has always had an unhealthy obsession with how consumers use their product, mostly centered on discouraging us from ignoring commercials (and tracking how many people rewind celebrity wardrobe malfunctions).

Now the company wants to both insert company logos while you fast-forward through ads, and try to divert you to special "long-format" advertising content. While not endorsing any particular package, just remember that PC-based DVR setups like MythTV, SageTV, and even Windows Media Center Edition don't care if you skip the commercials (for that matter, neither did the classic VHS video cassette recorder, if you're willing to admit to being old enough to remember it in its heyday).