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Putting the TV on a sound pedestal

Sharp has a sleek new cabinet system.

Tech Digest

A story for your grandchildren: In ancient times, there were these things called armoires--once used for clothing, they evolved into big and bulky cabinets where people hid their big and bulky TVs. But now that plasma, LCD and even OLED sets (the ultimate anorexic model) have completed the television set's swan-like transition, it's understandable if their proud owners no longer want to keep their TVs under wraps.

For these unabashed exhibitionists there's a new Sharp home theater system, a self-contained credenza with built-in speakers, subwoofers and amplifier outfitted with Dolby technology throughout, according to Tech Digest. Sound quality aside, its design is a definite step up from a similar system offered by Evesham a few months ago. But both serve the same ultimate purpose--as a pedestal for that massive flat-screen TV you must lord over your poker buddies.