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Putting a hybrid in the kitchen

Hybrids aren't just taking over our driveways. They're starting to show up in our kitchens, too.

Hybrid ranges are starting to gain some popularity. A lot of cooks like being able to choose how to prepare food, rather than being limited to just one option. The Hybrid Range, from American Range, provides options. The Hybrid Range offers both gas and induction cooking options in one sleek package. There are also some other choices that you might need to make before adding a Hybrid Range to your kitchen. The range comes in three sizes: 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches--you should be able to find an ideal fit for most kitchens. Each size comes with the same arrangement of burners: the front burners are induction burners, while the rear burners are sealed gas burners. The oven is commercial quality, able to bake and broil just about everything. American Range points out an added benefit--the oven's design allows it to use 20 percent less gas than a standard oven (and will drop your gas bill by the same percentage). The Hybrid Range also comes with a whole list of amenities, like the Step-Up Range: the back burners are elevated to make it easier to work with multiple pans at once. The stove also has a commercial-grade broiler and the largest oven cavity in its class. There are even child-safe burner controls.

The Hybrid Range American Range