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Put your mug on a slow cooker

The Crock-Pot Create-A-Crock Web site allows users to upload personal photos to be included on a slow cooker. The personalized item makes for a fun and unique gift.

Football is just one of the nine templates users can select from.
Football is just one of the nine templates users can select from. Crock-Pot

Kitchens can produce an outstanding amount of variety; from the well-outfitted to the bare-boned, any kitchen is capable of a great amount of versatility (assuming there is food in the cupboard). The personal nature inherent in cooking food extends beyond preparation methods. Sometimes, it is even the appliances that are personalized.

Every cook prepares food in his or her own special way, but adding a personal twist to the ubiquitous slow cooker is what Crock-Pot has in mind here. Via a Web interface, the Create-A-Crock (model number: SCCPCM553-W) allows customers to select from one of nine templates and upload four of their own photos to be included on their order. The customized slow cooker is then sent to production for 3-4 weeks after which the one-of-a-kind item will be packaged and sent directly to your door.

Ordering personalized cookware from an armchair is certainly nothing new, but ordering a Crock-Pot with your mug on it is a novel idea. Of course, one isn't limited to headshots for their slow cooker: one can upload almost any (non-copyright-infringing) image one desires. The idea is fun and certainly would make for a unique gift, but more importantly, it adds a personalized touch that goes beyond what's cooking.