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Put your iPhone in a pellucid purse pocket

Etsy purse designer Nicole Kelner is making herself perfectly clear with a line of purses featuring transparent iPhone pockets.

iPhone Wristlet
Now you see it. Here's a wristlet version. Nicole Kelner

Some people suffer from anxiety when their phones are out of sight and out of reach. Did I leave it at home? What pocket did I put it in? I can't find it. The sky is falling!

There's a line of purses that could be classified as anti-anxiety iPhone carriers. Nicole Kelner posts her wares on Etsy. These handmade purses and wristlets feature a clear pocket designed to hold an iPhone at the ready at all times. Prices are all pretty close to $20.

These creations are interesting on a couple of levels. On one, it turns an iPhone into a key part of your purse's aesthetics. On another, it adds a certain level of practicality. You can access your buttons, keep your phone dry in the rain, and not lose it in the depths of your purse.

To get the full advantage of the iPhone pocket, you'll want to use an earphone or Bluetooth headset so you don't have to pull your phone out or hold your purse up to your ear to answer a call.

I confess to having purchased purses based mainly on whether my iPad would fit safely and snugly inside, often opting for function over fashion. I would like to see Kelner fashion up some larger handbags. I've got lots of stuff to carry. Important stuff.

Depending on your sense of design and desire to hide your expensive electronics, these purses may fall on the Regretsy side of the Etsy scale for you. However, if you really want to assuage your fear of losing your phone, a clear iPhone pocket will reassure you at a glance.