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Put Meebo IM on your desktop with Meebone

Ever wanted to run Meebo on your desktop? Check out Meebone.

Not sure how useful this will be for most folks, but if you're a fan of browser-based chat service Meebo and would like to use it right on your desktop an Adobe AIR application called Meebone will do just that with some elegance.

Like Gabtastik, which does the same thing with Facebook Chat and Google Talk, Meebone will effectively trick the Web app into thinking it's running in your browser. The big difference is that you'll be able to move chat windows around and minimize them to your taskbar like you would any other desktop chat app.

Speaking of which, the key differentiation between this and something like Pidgin, Digsby, or Trillian is that you'll get access to Meebo Rooms and the integrated applications platform, letting you shoot tank shells at your buddy while catching up with them in the text chat.

(Via Lifehackerand Appaholic)

Want to use Meebo on your desktop? Check out Meebone, an Adobe AIR application that fools Meebo into thinking it's running on your desktop.