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Put a Ghost in the machine for $0

Buy backup utility Norton Ghost 12.0 from and you can get back $50 worth of Visa debit cards, bringing your total cost to $0.


Symantec's Norton Ghost is a super tool for backing up your PC. The latest version, 12.0 (wow, is that like the first 12.0 version of anything, ever?), normally sells for $69.99, but you can get it free, kinda, from

You start out paying $50 (free shipping!), then get back a $30 Visa debit card as part of Rebate #1. To qualify for Rebate #2, a $20 Visa debit card, all you need is proof of ownership of just about any semi-related utility: "A stand-alone, retail (boxed or downloaded) version of any Norton or Symantec software or another company's antivirus, firewall, antispam, antispyware, utility, or backup software product."

That brings your total cost down to zero, as the debit cards are pretty much like cash. This deal's good from now until Saturday, December 1.