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Purported Kinect 2 image leaks onto Twitter

The image shows two figures and improved depth and movement data, though its authenticity is difficult to determine.

Microsoft's first-generation Kinect.
Microsoft's first-generation Kinect. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

It's widely believed that Microsoft is working on a new Kinect motion-gaming peripheral for its next console. And now, an image claiming to showcase that device's image quality has leaked onto the Web.

Twitter user SuperDaE yesterday posted what is claimed to be image of the Kinect 2 in action. The image shows an adult and child standing next to each other and includes far greater detail and depth recognition than what is available in the first-generation Kinect.

According to SuperDaE, the leaked image was captured from Microsoft's "Durango" development kit. It's believed that the development kit is currently in the wild and being used by developers for the next-generation Xbox. "Durango" is believed to be the next Xbox's code name.

The image seems to follow claims made over the last several months about the increased quality that will come to the next-generation Kinect. According to some reports, users will find that the next Kinect will dramatically improve its depth recognition and respond to slight movements not currently picked up on the current device.

Still, the authenticity of the image cannot be immediately confirmed, and it's not clear how SuperDaE might have obtained it. However, The Verge is reporting today that it has spoken with a source working with Durango who has confirmed that the image comes from the development kit and is actually a "test sample."

CNET has contacted Microsoft for comment on the leak. We will update this story when we have more information.