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Purported iPad 5 gets weighed and measured

An iPad 5 outer shell gets weighed, measured, and compared to the iPad 4. The verdict: surprise, surprise, it's thinner and lighter.

iPad Mini: The iPad 5 appears to be, in effect, a blow up of the iPad Mini.
iPad Mini: The iPad 5 appears to be, in effect, a blow up of the iPad Mini. Apple

The iPad 5 is simply a larger version of the iPad Mini, if a detailed video demonstration by a Hong Kong parts retailer is accurate.

The video (below) by the retailer,, shows three iPad covers side-by-side, the iPad 4, iPad 5, and iPad Mini.

It "does a good job detailing the physical differences between the iPad 4 and iPad 5," MacRumors points out.

The iPad 5 is shorter, narrower (by 15mm), and thinner (by 2mm) than the iPad 4, according to the video. In effect, it's a large iPad Mini. And, of course, weighs less.

There are other differences too, including volume buttons and speaker placement that replicate the Mini.

The design is not unlike images published by Sonny Dickson earlier in the week. (Which makes you wonder where he gets his covers and shells from.)

And, being a retailer, that's not all has on its site. It is selling an iPad 5 back cover, replete with all the measurements of the unannounced Apple product.

The iPad 5 is expected to be released in the coming months, possibly October.