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Purported images of HTC Nexus 9 leak to the Web

The images show a device featuring the familiar Nexus branding and an HTC logo at the bottom. HTC has not confirmed it's the real deal.

Google and HTC will go bigger than this with the Nexus 9. CNET

HTC's long-rumored Nexus 9 has allegedly been pictured in a Twitter leak.

Upleaks, a relatively new entrant into the mobile-image-leaking niche, has posted photos of what is apparently the upcoming Nexus 9. The rear of the device is featured in the image and includes both an HTC logo and the familiar Nexus branding. Its size appears to accommodate the expected 9-inch screen.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that HTC and Google are collaborating on the new Nexus line of tablets. Last month, a report suggested that the device would debut on October 16 alongside the formal release of Google's next operating system release, Android

Google has a long tradition of working with different vendors to build Nexus devices. The Nexus line is considered the base standard for Android-based devices, though they don't necessarily compete with flagship alternatives from Samsung, LG and HTC, among others. The first Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet, was built by Asus. The 10-inch Nexus 10 was developed by Samsung. Nexus smartphones have been manufactured by Samsung, LG and HTC.

Neither Google nor HTC immediately responded to a request for comment on the leak. The companies have also stopped short of even acknowledging the photo, so it should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt until an official announcement.