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Purported Google Play gift cards surface, good for music, movies

Photos of a gift card for the Google Play store show users being able to redeem cards to buy music, movies, books, apps, and other products.


Will the Google Play store soon get its own gift cards?

The folks over at Android Central today published photos of what they claim are Google Play gift cards. The Android site, which received the photos from an unidentified source, shows two cards that can be redeemed for $10 or $25 in the marketplace.

The alleged cards themselves are black with the Google Play logo. At the bottom, the card indicates that it can be redeemed for "music, movies, books, apps, and more."

It would only make sense for Google to offer up gift cards that can be sold in brick-and-mortar stores. Apple has been doing the same for iTunes store for years, and they commonly find their way into birthday and holiday gifts. The result? Increased sales across Apple's marketplace. Google might be trying to achieve the same results for its own store.

Google has so far not confirmed that gift cards are coming to Google Play, so Android Central's report is very much a rumor at this point.

CNET has contacted Google for comment on the photos. We will update this story when we have more information.