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PURE Digital Siesta: DAB radio for treehuggers

PURE Digital's new DAB clock radio has its eyes squarely on those of you who want to enjoy tech without crippling Mother Earth in the process

Caring about the environment is trendier than ever in the tech world, with massive companies such as Apple and Dell at least paying lip service to the idea that our obsession with new products shouldn't take an unnecessary toll on old Mother Earth. Keen to jump on the eco-bandwagon is PURE Digital, whose DAB radios lead the digital radio pack. Its new Siesta DAB alarm-clock radio is squarely aimed at hippies people who enthusiastically aim to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

At £49.99, the Siesta is an affordable bit of gear and apparently uses less than 1W of energy when in standby mode. We've no immediate way of testing this, so we'll take PURE's word for it for now. Build quality feels lower than the company's usual efforts, but it's a pleasant design and PURE's comparison charts claim the Siesta is much less power hungry than the average portable DAB radio, using one tenth as much juice on standby as leading competing models.

Inside is a 1.7W speaker driver, upgradable firmware, a pleasant LCD display and a "selection of components [which have a] minimised environmental impact". Treehuggers rejoice!

The PURE Digital Siesta is out now. Look out for a full review very soon on -Nate Lanxon