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Pure Digital One Mini: Outdoor DAB bargain

It's a little monaural-speaker radio that's affordable.

Crave UK

If the Digital Radio Working Group has its way, all of us at Crave UK will need to chuck out our lovely FM receivers and invest in DAB equipment before too long. Good news, then, for PURE Digital, a DAB favorite of ours. And it's just released its new One Mini--an affordable and portable version of the popular Pure One.

It's a little monaural-speaker radio that'll go for about 40 pounds (about $79), and with an optional battery pack will serve as a decent companion to any sun-drenched U.K. picnics, festivals, or glue sniffing you've got planned for yourselves and the kids.

On the front is a dinky LCD display, plus there's a headphone socket, line-in connection for jacking in your iPod or whatever, USB connectivity for upgrading firmware, and internal memory capable of storing 16 presets.

And just in case you need it, it'll also receive regular old FM broadcasts. The One Mini will come in black, white and pink when it goes in sale towards the end of July.

(Source: Crave UK)