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PURE Digital Evoke 1XT Marshall: This radio goes up to 11

What happens when you cross Spinal Tap with a digital radio? You get this unique DAB model, with the design sensibilities of a Marshall amp

Get ready to ROCK with this digital radio that's literally 'one louder' than the competition.

PURE Digital has taken its big seller, the Evoke 1XT, thrown out the boring wood panelling and made the whole thing look like a Marshall amp, complete with leather-effect casing, gold-coloured buttons and the all-important Marshall logo.

And yes, like the amp in the spoof rockumentary This is Spinal Tap, the volume knob goes from one to 11.

Sound quality is as good as it gets from a small, mono radio -- fine for the average kitchen or bedroom. You can buy a Marshall-branded extra speaker that plugs into the rear separately for about £40 if you want stereo.

It arrives tuned to Planet Rock, but you can easily switch to whichever of the 55 DAB radio stations are available in your area using the 'turn and push' button on the front.

It may sound like the work of a madman, but it's one of the best tie-ups Crave has ever come across.

Expect to find the PURE Digital 1XT Marshall online for about £100. -JJ

Update: We now have a full review of the PURE Digital Evoke-1XT Marshall Edition live in our Reviews channel.