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PURE Digital Chronos: DABmuda triangle

What if you want a DAB radio that doesn't jostle everything else off your bedside table? It looks like PURE might have nailed the mini-DAB with this petite alarm clock combo

Chronos, God of time, born from Chaos, celebrated star of Greek mythology, and now a bedside alarm clock. How far the great have fallen. Did the great God Chronos imagine that one day he would be awakening the commuter from her hazy red wine slumber and propelling her into the bathroom to the wolverine yapping of Coldplay?

We've looked at a range of kitchen and hi-fi separates DABs in the past, but this is the first bedside DAB/alarm clock combo we've laid our hands on.

At first feel, the Chronos is solid enough to withstand a damn good thrashing, and attractive enough to inhabit the enforced minimalism of a Docklands flat. The only unsightly part of this radio is the aerial, which is like a sorry looking strand of Vermicelli spaghetti dangling from the underside. Mind you, this is pretty standard issue for a bedside radio.

Sound quality is perfectly acceptable for listening to through the veils of half-sleep, and the unit seems to have been built to the same robust standard we've seen on other PURE DABs. Chronos might not like it, but we're not here to appease mythological Gods, only the Gods of NASDAQ. Expect a full review soon. -CS