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Purchased rosters bring touch of reality to games

NCAA Rosters for purchase

Two of Electronic Arts' most popular sports franchises are Madden and NCAA Footballl; however, the Madden franchise has licensed permission from the NFL to use player names and likeness, whereas the NCAA prohibits this.


For anyone that wants to make the game experience as true to real life as possible, it would take a lot of time to input all your team's roster information by hand.

However, there is an alternative, a company called Gamerosters provides you three ways to import the real life players name into the game.

  • A mail in service--where you send in your memory card and they add the rosters to it, for $20

  • Purchase a new card from Gamerosters with the rosters. The prices are: PS3 (USB Memory Stick) $39.95, Xbox 360 Memory Card $44.95, and the PS2 Memory card $36.95

  • Download the roster. Prices are: PS3 $11.95, Xbox 360, $13.95, and PS2 $11.95.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the company was founded by 25-year-old Brian Kaldenberg who launched Gamerosters from his dorm room at Iowa State University in 2004. It is expected to bring in about $200,000 in revenue this year against $70,000 in expenses simply by putting names to virtual faces.