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Dogs enjoy a 'Star Wars' playdate with adorable rolling droid BB-8

Dogs are man's best friend, but can droids be canines' best pals? Watch this video to see if puppies can be "Star Wars" fans too.

Dogs and droids make the cutest playmates. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

BB-8, the newest "Star Wars" astromech droid, made our geeky hearts burst when we first spotted the adorable ball-shaped robot in the first trailer for "The Force Awakens."

It's hard not to fall in love with the little guy as he rolls around in the "Star Wars" universe.

BB-8's even more difficult to resist when we see him speed around a room in person. Just ask our CNET staff, who are already smitten with the roly-poly robot .

So when the magazine Vanity Fair let the phone app-controlled BB-8 droid toy loose around a bunch of cute puppies, the adorable meter went off the charts.

Dogs of all sizes test out the BB-8 droid toy by doing the usual pup things like sniffing, running after it, hopping over it and nudging the robot with their wet noses.

But the more you watch the video, the more it appears as though BB-8 is having just as much playing with the dogs. Dare I suggest the droid is playing hide and seek with the pups?

While we all know that the BB-8 droid is merely a sophisticated, app-enabled toy, I can't help but wonder if maker Sphero somehow snuck a playful soul into the small robot.

After all, dogs can sense the dark side, or at least have a very troubled past with machines. When was the last time you saw a dog befriend a vacuum cleaner?

This video shows us that if dogs can trust a droid enough to spend a few hours chasing it around a room, then robots might have a more permanent place in all our homes.

Heck, Fido might even share his favorite bone with a droid one day.