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Pump up the...soap

This sensor soap pump lets makes clean up easy.

Wash your hands, hands-free. Wait, what? simplehuman

Sensor activated soap pumps are a nice tool in the kitchen. When you're working with raw meat, you want to limit the chances for contaminating the various surfaces in your home. When you're managing multiple pots on the stove, it's nice to streamline one part of the cleaning process.

With simplehuman's newest sensor soap pump, just place your hand underneath the spout to dispense your soap. You can easily refill the pump via the wide opening pop-up lid, and you can adjust the dispensing volume to determine exactly how much soap comes out. If you have kids, you're already smiling at the thought of not finding half a bottle of dish soap all over the sink.

The sensor runs on four AA batteries, and the device's power-saving design means it should last about six months. Get one in black or white for about $30.