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Musical mason jar lets you unbottle your beats

You thought mason jars were only good for catching fireflies, canning jam, or housing overpriced drinks at hipster bars. This musical mason jar might just prove you wrong.

Mason Jar Speaker
Plug and play, the down-home way. Trash Amps

Don't bottle those beats up.

Plug your phone, iPod, or laptop into the Mason Jar Speaker by Trash Amps and you've instantly got a mini speaker.

You can also plug your electric guitar into it, turning this tiny device into a rockin' little practice amp.

Each one is hand-assembled in the United States, made of glass, metal, and wood, and automatically shuts down when the music stops playing to conserve battery life.

You can buy one online for $65 (roughly £47.73, AU$69.74).

In this video, musician Nik Rogers of Brooklyn gives it a spin by plugging in and playing a few chords. Give it a listen.

(Via Popsugar)