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Pull to play this kitchen mandoline

The Chef'n Pull'n Mandoline is a versatile kitchen helper. The device is similar to a traditional kitchen mandoline save for one important difference.

The Chef'n Pull'n Mandoline uses a unique pulling motion to slice food.
The Chef'n Pull'n Mandoline uses a unique pulling motion to slice food. Williams-Sonoma

The kitchen is full of motion. Things move to and fro and up and down. As the action progresses, the net result is a finished meal, which makes for a great reward. However, along the way, while the cooking is happening, all those little actions require attention to some degree. Sharp cutting implements, naturally, are high up on the list of kitchen tools to pay attention to. Sometimes, when a kitchen tool or gadget doesn't feel right, it's time to move on to another one.

The Chef'n Pull'n Mandoline ($49.95/£34.17/AU$62) is much like a familiar kitchen slicer, but it uses a different cutting mechanism to get the job done. Instead of moving the food back and forth to slice, you use a pulling motion to drag the blade housing across the food while the base stands still. Just like a traditional mandoline, a safety handle is used to keep fingers away from the blade.

The versatile kitchen tool comes with a slicing deck, a straight blade, a french fry blade and a julienne blade. The slicing is adjustable to four different thicknesses ranging from a 16th of an inch to a quarter of an inch. The benefit of using a mandoline is that it is quick and easy to use and delivers consistent slices. It may be a convenient kitchen tool, but do try to remember to slow down and enjoy the meal.