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Pull over, Segway--the cops are coming

Police get alternative vehicle, complete with siren

Segway alternative for police

But does it come with a doughnut holder?

As the Segway struggles with various problems, upstart T3 Motion is targeting a pedestrian-alternative rival at local police departments. The three-wheeled T3 Series, according to site Inside Line, made its debut at the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Boston last weekend.

The "environmentally friendly" vehicle, which runs on two lightweight rechargeable batteries that can be exchanged in the field, has been tested on the mean streets of tourist-packed Catalina Island off the coast of L.A. "Equipment includes an integrated LED lighting system, sirens, a lockable glovebox and an optional GPS tracking system," Inside Line reports.

It may not be a Segway, but the legacy of legacy of Gob lives on.